An Extremely Succinct Review of Netflix’s, “Anne with an ‘E'”


While not exactly Montgomery’s story, as a historical drama the show is pretty fantastic. The cinematography in itself might be a reason to continue watching: it is a beautiful thing to behold, the intimate close ups and soft, shallow focus capturing the dreaminess of Anne’s spirit.

Though there were strange artistic liberties taken in the writing of this adaptation, it was well cast, and Amybeth McNulty was a wonderful Anne, albeit a bit exaggerated and heavy-handed at times — though that was most likely a directorial choice.

The final episode in the first season was, admittedly, in my opinion, far too grim for even this adaptation of “Anne.” Matthew even considering suicide was not only extremely out of character, but unnecessary to the plot line, making the end of the first season was an odd and unsettling one.


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